Our Team

Grasshopper competes in the most cut-throat of all arenas – proprietary trading – where little comes without great effort and vigilance. Grasshoppers are team players who work in unison in the heart of the action.


Our traders are both our infantrymen and our playmakers. Observe, read the terrain, engage, and repeat. Traders work the front lines tirelessly each day and decide the parameters of battle. Our traders are our gamers in the arena.


Our technologists are our magicians, builders, and optimizers for everything Grasshopper-related.  Technologists are the critical problem solvers, tinkerers and thinkers in the Grasshopper universe.


There is so much more to Grasshopper than trading and technology. Grasshopper has no clients – what you do as a team contributes or detracts directly from our overall wellbeing as a single company. Do you want to be part of our firm’s backbone and enjoy your work at the same time? Hit us up!