The moment I first saw a trading floor in 1990, I knew that this was my calling. Step into the crammed and colorful trading “pits”, and you were at the epicenter of the global markets. I loved that every new day was a blank page waiting to be written. Those pits are now history, but the promise of our business has never rung clearer. Trading continues to be a humbling yet bountiful provider – if one can find the right frequency to resonate with her. The mysteries of the market are always daunting, but solvable. With experience, one realizes that the “enemy” we fought daily was really our own doubt and inertia. I welcome you to help us write our next chapters.

– John H. Lin, Chief & Founder

Quantitative Analysts

Quantitative analysts’ main responsibilities are to perform data analysis, decipher patterns, and develop hypotheses based on data. Work in tandem with traders to develop optimal strategies. You will be in charge of perfecting automated tools and strategies before rolling out for production. An understanding of Python, MATLAB and statistical modelling would be advantageous although not a necessity.

– Steven

Junior Traders

We are looking for applicants with a keen interest in learning. Why? Because we believe that what you know about trading is less important than your thirst to learn. Your main responsibilities will consist of identifying and navigating trading risks and rewards in a consistent and disciplined manner. You will need to excel in a dynamic and stressful environment and be able to work selflessly as part of a team – all of our traders work in unison with our technologists in a high-pressure collaborative culture. Ideal candidates: quick, decisive thinkers; high aptitude for math and technology; concise and effective communicators; strong passion for games; and a low-ego personality. Shift work is necessary and will get you exposure to different markets at different times.

– Val


Grasshopper is always on the lookout for developers with an aptitude in programming and problem solving. You should be comfortable with Linux, have good conceptual understanding of data structures, basic networking, distributed systems and multi-threading. Your main responsibilities will include source code management, system design and optimization, but as you probably know, technology is rapidly evolving and so are we. Financial knowledge is a plus, but not necessary.

– Ludo


Ideal internship candidates should have a keen interest and passion for algorithmic / electronic trading. Grasshopper is seeking interns who are creative, possess meticulous analytical skills and have an inquisitive mind. A preference for someone who is competitive and driven (yet humble) enough to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

– W.Y.

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